When cutting a tree there are few considerations. The first is tree balance. Brandywine Tree and Shrub will skillfully keep your tree safe while maintaining its shape. Another consideration is the removal of low branches. When pruning we remove all dead and hanging branches and we will thin the tree without starving it. All cuts will promote healthy growth.

Topping Trees is not the Smart Choice

Topping a tree promotes dense shoots that are weakly attached to the trunk. They can easily break free in high winds after a few years of growth.

Topping may kill your tree as some species can’t survive the trauma of the cut. Also topping promotes unsightly “hat racking,” a dense growth of vertical shoots. Topping makes the tree grow tall which will require more pruning in the future. The new branches are weaker and as they grow over time, they will break off. To put it simply topping is unsafe, ugly, and unnatural.

Reducing Tree Size with Drop-Crotching

The best method to reduce the size of a tree is called “drop-crotching.” The cuts are strategic so growth occurs in the desired direction. Vertical branches are cut, but horizontal shoots are left intact. This technique trains the tree to grow in the right direction. We also remove all dead and hanging wood from the tree. The result is a beautifully well-balanced tree that won’t need pruning again for years.