Entrepreneur at a Young Age

John Fiorentino experimented with entrepreneurialism when he was only ten years old. He and a friend were exploring the woods when they found an old lawn mower partially buried in the soil. John took the lawn mower home, cleaned it up, and after a few hours of tinkering was able to bring the mower back to life. Unbeknownst to him, this was the genesis of a lifelong dedication to operating his own business.

For several summers, John was kept busy mowing neighborhood lawns and eventually he became friends with another boy who had a chainsaw. Soon John was cutting trees and selling firewood, which was the start of another enterprise.

After graduating from high school, John’s friends and family encouraged him to pursue a formal trade so he enrolled in technical school to learn refrigeration and heating technology. At the same time he continued to operate his ever-increasing, tree care business. Loyal customers enthusiastically recommended him to others as they appreciated his abilities and strong work ethic. In time John realized that his real career and love had always been tree maintenance so he turned his full attention to the operation of his burgeoning company Brandywine Tree and Shrub.

More than twenty years later, John has established Brandywine Tree and Shrub as the premier tree maintenance company in Wilmington, Delaware and surrounding areas with a fleet of specialized equipment and skilled employees. John knows first hand that great things often have small beginnings such as a boy’s idea to fix an old lawnmower. Great oaks from little acorns do grow.