Give Your Trees A Drink

It has been extremely dry this Fall. Have you noticed your lawn? The soil is as hard as cement due to the lack of rain. Now is the time to water your trees. They need it. If temperatures permit, an occasional watering during the winter can also help your tree. Make sure the soil is not frozen before watering. There are many solutions for watering your tree. We love the low profile watering rings for younger trees. Check available options at Amazon. Brandywine Tree and Shrub is not an affiliate.

Late Fall Pruning is Arriving

We are soon approaching a perfect time for pruning. When the leaves have fallen, you will be able to ascertain where the pruning must be applied to shape your tree correctly. You will also be able to identify branches that have been damaged due to disease or insect damage. If you have evergreens, this too is a good time for pruning. The spring growth will quickly hide the pruning wounds. Understand that each tree is different, and pruning at the wrong time or the wrong way can injure a tree making it more susceptible. Call Brandywine Tree and Shrub for Details.

Planting trees in the Fall is optimum. When the cooler weather arrives, it’s a perfect temperature for root growth. When the roots become established over the winter, the spring rains will create extraordinary growth towards the top of the tree. Avoid planting bare-root plants in the Fall or winter.

How Trees Recover From Pruning

Think of the healing process like a folding growth. It’s different than how skin heals. The tree folds over the top of the wound as time passes. This style of repair means the wound never goes away. After a few years, if you cut into the tree, you will be able to observe where the injury occurred. The wound technically never vanishes it gets covered over by new growth over time. Arborists call this process compartmentalization.