Brandywine Tree and Shrub will provide complete brush mowing and lot clearing services for your commercial or residential property around the Wilmington, Delaware area. We have extensive knowledge of topography and native vegetation in the area and have the proper equipment to clear your land with minimal disturbance to the community.

Our knowledge of the area foliage and community laws and regulations make us the best choice for your lot and land clearing needs. Brandywine Tree and Shrub experts know what is needed for efficient, cost-effective land clearing. We have experience in clearing land for development or lot clearing for home-building and residential needs. Contact us to schedule a free no-hassle land clearing consultation.

We are Properly Equipped to Serve All your Lot and Land Clearing Needs

Our primary tools are brush mowers for light projects and a Bobcat Forrester for larger jobs. We utilize Torro machinery to do both smaller and larger jobs, as we can better guard against lawn damage. No matter what the scope or your commercial land clearing needs, or residential lot clearing, we have all the tools to provide exceptional service.

Professional Lot Clearing Provided:

  • Clearing Right-of-ways
  • Commercial Land Clearing
  • Fence Line Clearing
  • Conservation Reserve Program Lands Clearing and Maintenance
  • Trail Clearing
  • Wet Areas Maintained
  • Privately owned Yards or Fields Mowed or Cleared

Whether you want to reclaim your backyard, clean up your fence line, or need heavy brush mowing on your commercial or residential property — our professional, dedicated workers approach all projects from an environmentally friendly perspective. We do not burn and are careful to mitigate soil disturbance. We dispose of all debris in an ethical manner in accordance with local laws. We are mindful of the neighboring properties, and how our work will affect their vegetation and soil integrity. We proved every service with the utmost care — treating every property as if it were our own.

Bobcat T320 with Forrester Attachment

Our Bobcat is the solution for clearing heavy trees and brush on your land. The Forrester is an attachment for our Bobcat skid-steer. It can reduce heavy overgrowth and trees to mulch. The system uses a spinning horizontal steel drum lined with 30 carbide cutting teeth. Heavy brush, vines, and roots are no match for this machine. The compact size of the Bobcat is excellent for getting into tight spaces. The time required for clearing can range from one or two days per acre depending on the density of the overgrowth. Call us today to schedule an estimate with one of our trusted professionals.

We have the knowledge and experience to get the job done safely and quickly. We understand the importance of maintaining the health of your land while clearing the lot for building or maintenance. Brandywine Tree and Shrub will execute your lot or land clearing with expert care to ensure your project stays on schedule.

For an honest, reputable lot and land clearing service in Wilmington, Delaware, call Brandywine Tree and Shrub today to schedule a free estimate at 302-475-7594.

Are you just outside the Wilmington Area? We are expanding rapidly and likely service your area. We provide land clearing services in Wilmington and New Castle County Delaware, and Delaware and Chester Counties in Pennsylvania. Contact us to get a detailed service area.