Wilmington, Delaware and the surrounding areas experience a variety of weather systems that can damage mature trees. In the Summer months, thunderstorms are frequent, which can destroy trees on your property. In the winter months, they can receive heavy snowfall and ice storms. High winds, ice, and heavy rain can further weaken a tree in distress. Count on our experienced team at Brandywine Tree and Shrub to conduct a detailed, free tree hazard assessment on your commercial property or at your home.

If you think a tree on your property is dangerous, seek a free hazard assessment from Brandywine Tree and Shrub. Upon our visit, we will evaluate the tree, and look for signs that may lead to injury or property damage. Minimize your risk by being proactive. An arborist will explain the potential hazards of the tree’s condition — and a safe, cost-effective way to restore tree health or have the dangerous tree removed.

How Do I know if a Tree on my Property is Dangerous?

While conducting a free tree hazard assessment, an expert from Brandywine Tree and Shrub will visit your property and examine the trees. The following items are key components to determining the health of your tree, and the potential dangers of its condition:

  • A deep inclusion or crack between two heavy branches.
  • Many heavy vertical branches from the main trunk.
  • Fungus or mold growing at base of your tree.
  • The tree is showing evidence of insects or disease.
  • Excessive rot, dead branches, or few leaves.
  • Tree has brown or dead branches at the top.
  • Large areas of missing bark.
  • Raised dirt mound at the base of your tree. (Immediate evaluation is recommended.)
  • The tree is leaning. (Immediate evaluation is recommended.)
  • Deep crack(s) in the trunk.

Your tree may not need to be removed. Pruning or disease control could be a solution to restore the health or your tree. Our certified tree experts at Brandywine Tree and Shrub have over twenty years of experience with a vast knowledge of the native plants and trees in the Wilmington, Delaware and all areas we service. Experienced arborists know how to determine if a tree can be saved from insect or storm damage.

Contact us to receive a professional assessment so you can make an informed choice for all your tree removal, tree hazard concerns, or emergency tree services in Wilmington, Delaware. We proudly provide New Castle, Delaware tree services, and offer all of our tree services and tree hazard assessment in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, and Chester County Pennsylvania.

The experts at Brandywine Tree and Shrub are skilled at determining the best way to correct a compromised tree. We will take every precaution to protect your commercial or residential property from falling trees. We ensure all debris is cleaned up and removed from your commercial property or when having tree work at your home.

Call 302-475-7594 today or fill out our online tree assessment request form  for a complete hazard assessment of your trees.