Experienced Commercial Land Clearing With Brandywine Tree and Shrub

Brandywine Tree and Shrub is a licensed and insured tree removal and tree maintenance company in Wilmington, Delaware with over 20 years of experience. We are skilled in removing all trees, shrubs, brush, overgrowth, and stumps from your commercial plot. From overgrown brush to entire trees, debris from lot clearing can be chipped and collected in our portable tractor trailer. We then dispose of construction site lot clearing debris. We also take every precaution to maintain the integrity of the land.


Protecting the surrounding areas — and areas to be cleared — is an important step to ensure your commercial land is prepared and your project runs smoothly. Preventing ground packing and ruts from commercial vehicles on your job site is important to us. By using AlturnaMATS, a composite ground protection matting designed stabilize ground surfaces from damage or degradation due to overuse, trenching from the weight of our vehicles can be prevented. Using Ground protection mats prevents damage caused by heavy equipment used to clear your commercial property.

Excavators can be employed to remove tree stumps and debris to avoid soil settling. Our experienced staff will prepare your commercial land for building while following strict safety guidelines.

Brandywine Tree and Shrub will help you by clearing a right of way for all needs on your commercial property. We will assess your commercial job site and follow local regulations in clearing right of ways:

  • including roads
  • Highways
  • Power and communications lines
  • Petroleum and Gas Lines
  • Other utilities

Commercial Property Storm Damage

Heavy winds, ice or rain, can cause weakened branches to scatter debris throughout your commercial property. This can cause safety hazards for employees and patrons, and increase your risk of property damage. Call Brandywine Tree and Shrub at 302-475-7594. We will return your commercial property to its original state following heavy storm damage and remove all storm debris from your commercial property.

Whether negotiating through tight spaces or managing large tracts of land, Brandywine Tree and Shrub fleet of specialized equipment and experienced employees can handle any project from start to finish with care and precision. Our drivers and ground teams are skilled employees with extensive safety training. We maintain strict operational standards at all times and treat every job as if it were our own property.

Contracting Commercial Land Clearing in Wilmington Delaware and Surrounding Areas

Factors Impacting Project Cost;

  • Sloped vs. Flat Land
  • Tree volume
  • Site Accessibility
  • Size of Land Being Cleared
  • Chipped Lumber vs. Selling To Mill
  • Stump Grinding vs. Removal with Excavator
  • Grass / Yard Protection Requirement
  • Lumber Sawed and Stacked
  • Species of Trees Being Removed
  • Tree Proximity to Buildings, Train Tracks, Roads, or Rivers
  • Heavy Equipment Requirements
  • Local Government Fees

The Brandywine Tree and Shrub team understand that every project is unique. We provide free assessments and proposals for your project. We take the time to speak with you about your project goals and formulate a plan to fit both your budget and your project deadlines. Call 302-475-7594 and one of our seasoned experts will visit your property for an evaluation at your earliest convenience.