The following are common characteristics that identify dangerous trees;

Judging Tree Health by Looking at the Base

If your tree has a slight lean or if the dirt is raised in one area around the trunk take a look at the surface roots. Pull weeds and ivy away from the base and take a look. Are the visible roots rotted or have they been cut? Do you see mushrooms or green mold growing at the base of the tree? Observe the tree after a few days of rain. Has the mounding increased at the base? Is the tree leaning? Do you see insect damage? Small sap deposits on the bark of a pine tree may indicate it has Pine Bark Beetles.

Dead Wood and Cracks

Evaluate your tree in the summer. Indicators of a dying tree are:

  • Discolored brown branches and limbs
  • Cracks in the trunk
  • Loose or missing bark
  • Bulging in the trunk
  • Many branch stubs

Don’t let a summer storm blow your tree down. Consider an evaluation from Brandywine Tree and Shrub. We’ll provide an honest no pressure evaluation at no cost to you.