How Do You Protect My Lawn?

We are passionate about keeping your property clean and unaffected during and after the tree removal. We will use a bucket truck or crane and will remove the tree incrementally from the top down. We won’t let the tree slam to the ground causing extensive yard damage. We will lay down Alturamats to protect you lawn. Our workers will haul away all debris, leaves, and branches.

My Tree Looks Sick. Can You Help?

Yes. Schedule an appointment and our on staff Arborist will visit and diagnose your tree.

How Much Does Your Tree Removal Service Cost?

Every project is different: Below are variables impacting the cost of tree removal:

  • Tree size
  • Trimming and Branch Removal
  • Ease of Yard Access
  • Emergency / Non Emergency
  • Land Slope
  • Soil Softness
  • Dead / Alive Tree
  • One Tree / Many Trees
  • Proximity to Road / Houses / Tracks

Call 302-475-7594 or schedule an appointment for a free estimate.  In most cases, your estimate will be delivered the day we visit.

How is payment handled for your tree removal services?

All major credit cards and checks are accepted. Full payment is required upon project completion.

How long does it take to get an estimate?

Right away. We email or print you a hard copy of the estimate on the day of our visit.

Do you top trees?

No. The practice is destructive to the tree and costly to the owner. Topping forces the tree to grow vertical shoots. This in turn creates weak branch connection. As time passes, branches will begin to fall. You will also have to prune the tree more frequently to control the upward growth. Schedule an appointment. It’s free and will provide you with options.

Who handles the debris?

Brandywine Tree and Shrub will remove all debris created by our tree removal or pruning process. We value your property as our own.

Yes. All our employees speak English. Our Employees have been with us for over 15 years. Removing trees is a dangerous job. We trust each other with our lives on a daily basis.

How soon can you cut down my tree?

The average response is one week.

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